Galloway vows to grow Medicaid if elected Missouri governor

January 9, 2020

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway on Thursday said she would support expanding the number of people eligible for Medicaid if she’s elected governor.

The candidate in a statement praised a bipartisan plan to expand state health coverage in Kansas that’s being spearheaded by Democratic Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Republican Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning. Kelly’s Thursday deal with Denning means an expansion bill is all but certain to pass during the Kansas Legislature’s upcoming session.

Galloway said she would follow suit in advocating to grow Missouri’s health care program if she’s elected governor.

“When I’m Governor, Missouri will join nearly every one of our neighboring states and finally get this done,” Galloway said.

Missouri supporters are trying to put a Medicaid expansion proposal on the November ballot. Parson has said he would support Medicaid expansion if it’s approved by voters.

“If the people of the state of Missouri — that is their will and they vote to do that — that’s what I’m supposed to do is uphold the will of the people of this state, and that’s what I intend to do regardless of whether I agree with the issue or whether I don’t,” Parson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in November.

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